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MOU signing between Shine Mongol - Mabuchi Foundation and Equity Lab NGO

On 17 August 2021 Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by Ms. Temuulen, the co-founder of Equity Lab NGO and Ms. Zulgerel, CEO of the Shine Mongol - Mabuchi Foundation.

Shine Mongol - Mabuchi Foundation aims to support aspiring/ prospective students who have strong grit to grow and study. In addition, the uniqueness of this scholarship program is that we will not only offer 100% tuition fee for the selected students during their college years, but we will be providing mentorship and coaching support for our students to get the best out of their college years as they get ready for their headstart as a career professional. Mentors have studied prestigious universities in foreign countries and the leaders who work in the top companies of Mongolia.

Starting from this year we are partnering with Shine Mongol - Mabuchi Foundation to provide 4-years of tuition fee scholarship and mentorship opportunity for our Tegsh Garaa program participants.

MOU signing ceremony between Equity Lab NGO and Shine Mongol - Mabuchi Foundation. 17 August 2021

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