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Equity lab social enterprise won the NextGen innovation challenge held in Mongolia

Equity lab was selected as a winner of the "NextGen" innovation challenge, which aims to define solutions based on youth participation, creative initiatives, and cooperation for development issues faced by Mongolians.

New Recovery Policy Accelerator organized the innovation challenge within the framework of the New Recovery Policy, which aims to stimulate the economy in a pandemic era to ensure political and macroeconomic stability, accelerate public-private partnerships, and improve the environment for foreign and domestic investment as well as implement fiscal reforms.

More than 140 project proposals were submitted from 21 provinces and nine districts in the first stage of the project competition. In the later stage, the 28 best proposals were selected from each province and district and received the requested seed funding to implement their initiations.

Equity lab social enterprise's pilot project proposal in Bagakhangai district was selected as the best proposal and received the required funding.

According to the district's competitiveness annual report, Bagakhangai ranks last among nine metropolitan districts. Thus, the Equity Lab's proposal aimed to increase the competitiveness of youth and bridge high school students to growth opportunities by providing future skills training, mentorship, and scholarship programs to close the development gap.

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