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After School app breaks investment record for Shark Tank Mongolia

Our Equity Lab social enterprise aims to support the aspirations of youth and provide equal opportunities for all. Recently, we broke the record for the highest investment amount ever received on Shark Tank Mongolia in its four-season history with our After School mobile app initiative.

Impressively, we raised MNT 1.05 billion from three out of four sharks, demonstrating the potential of this educational solutions app to provide high schoolers with equal growth opportunities.

Shark Tank, a television show that connects ambitious startups with experienced investors to bring their business ideas into reality, has been successfully adopted in over 30 countries, including Mongolia.

Our team at Equality Lab is committed to inspiring teenagers to make the most of their after-school hours.

Through this intervention, we aim to close educational and developmental inequalities and make quality education more accessible.

With the After School app, we aim to instill in high schoolers the mindset that opportunities can be distributed equally to those who are committed and seek them out.

Our app encourages students to actively participate in volunteer work and community service by providing a platform for them to submit reports and convert them into growth incentives, including training center certificates, vouchers, and corporate-sponsored scholarships.

The gamification model in our app minimizes inequalities in growth opportunities and motivates young people to give back to their communities, which attracted investors to the show.

Moreover, students can build their resumes on the app and get recommendation letters based on their volunteer work and social impact, which can help them qualify for various scholarships and programs.

The After School app onboards various training and extracurricular courses, allowing students to choose the ones that best fit their interests and needs. Additionally, parents can easily browse through customer ratings and reviews of the extracurricular activities, along with information on location and price range. This feature saves them time and provides detailed reports of their children's after-school activities.

To download the After School app, click here.

For more information, please visit the website.

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