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Equity Lab establishes a partnership with Lingors LLC

On April 10, 2023, B.Temuulen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Equity Lab and Impact Tech LLC, M.Oyuntuya, CEO of Lingors LLC, and B.Altanzagas, CEO of Mongolian Extensive Reading Association NGO, signed a memorandum of understanding.

As per the MOU, the best participants of the Equity Lab program, which aims to instill in high school students the skills and aspirations needed in the 21st century, can access an online library with over 1700 English books and improve their language skills through MERA's extensive reading approach.

In addition, the Internship and Mentorship Program participants by Equity Lab can receive internship and mentorship opportunities for career guidance from Lingors LLC and MERA NGO.

Equity Lab social enterprise aims to provide equal growth opportunities to high schoolers by imparting them with soft skills that are not taught in schools and encouraging them to volunteer in their community, and provide them with growth opportunities.

Lingors LLC is the official representative of the Xreading online library in Mongolia, which has over 1700 books. MERA NGO, under Lingors LLC, runs its activities in alignment with the Extensive Reading approach.

Participants in Equity Lab's programs submit their volunteerism and community service reports to the Afterschool app and earn points that can be converted to growth incentives such as training vouchers and corporate-sponsored scholarships on the app.

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