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At Equity Lab, we believe that empowering people through experiential education is one of the key answers in addressing our most pressing social and environmental issues. Equipping people with the necessary skill set at young age has a catalytic effect on improving the wellbeing of the society and environment.

Equity Lab

Equity Lab is an NGO that provides opportunities for children and young people in public schools who are unable to develop outside of school to spend their free time productively, to learn and develop outside of school to nurture a positive and creative community. Equity Lab online training program aims to instil in high school students the skills and aspirations they need to succeed in the 21st century, as well as the right attitudes and practices.

Mentorship Program

This program is supported by the  Junior Internship Program of Zorig Foundation.

The internship/Mentorship program is open to 11th and 12th graders in public schools in the outskirt of Ulaanbaatar city.


The program offers the following benefits to participating students:

  • Make informed career decision

  • Gain deeper understanding of workplace etiquettes

  • First-hand experience of the chosen career pathway 

  • Establish foundation for professional network

 Scholarship Program

With the partnership of the Shine Mongol – Mabuchi scholarship foundation, we are providing 4 years university tuition fee scholarship with a combination of mentorship and personal development program for the selected aspiring youths.

Geometric Objects

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